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Free shipping on all orders over $50. Australia Wide

Brooks Neuro


Propulsion Pods rapidly return energy
for a powerful feel underfoot.

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Allows the heel and forefoot to move
independently for a powerful push-off.

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A unique hammock system hugs the foot
for improved alignment.

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Brooks Neuro

The most explosive shoe in our collection, the Neuro 3 is super fast and super light and will make sure that you make the most out of every effort. The Propulsion Pods on the outsole creates an instantaneously responsive ride. Your foot will feel the ground the same time the shoe does and is immediately off for an efficient and quick transition.

The decoupled midsole allows the foot to find its path of least resistance with the separation between the heel and forefoot in the shoe allowing for both to act independently and move unrestricted.

The dynamic Hammock System technology and new Woven Air upper hugs the foot for improved alignment.
If you're looking for women's lightweight running shoes or lightweight running shoes for men, Check out the
Brooks Women's Neuro Running Shoe and Brooks Men's Neuro Running Shoe today!

Activity: Running

Category: Neutral

Experience: Speed Badge