Free shipping on all orders over $50. Australia Wide
Free shipping on all orders over $50. Australia Wide


At Brooks, we take running and running technology pretty seriously.
Our specialized high-tech features are what really set our running shoes apart.

Brooks Running Shoes Technology

3D Fit Print

Using a revolutionary process that uses screen–print technology to apply engineered structure to the uppers of our shoes, it maintains the shoe structure with increased flexibility and lighter weight.

Ballstic Rock Shield

Toughened thermoplastic EVA sheath between the outsole and midsole protects the forefoot by spreading out point loads from sharp objects.

DNA Midsole

An innovative cushioning system that adapts to runners of all sizes and speeds, providing a custom ride

Ideal Pressure Zones

Distribute pressure evenly under your foot, transforming your run into a more comfortable and effortless ride.

Rounded Heels

The slight curve of the heel aligns force through the center of your ankle joint, reducing internal stress on your body.

Stride Signature

A scientific approach to improving performance by working with the natural, unique motion paths of runners.

3D Hex Lugs

Aggressive 3D hex lugs on the outsole provide maximum grip.

DNA Fabric

A lightweight fabric that adapts to your body. It breathes, stretches and recovers, providing a custom, "made-for-me" fit.

Guide Rails

Midsole construction that helps your hips, knees and joints move in their unique motion path.


Products that will make a runner visible in all lighting conditions while ensuring they're recognized as humans (and not a traffic cone).

Segmented Crash Pad

Made up of fully-integrated shock absorbers to provide cushion and smooth heel-to-toe transition, maximizing the efficiency of every stride.

Super DNA

An adaptable midsole material that offers increased cushioning while providing peak energy return and support.

Drilayer Adapt

The 360° stretch fabric adapts to its surroundings by comfortable hugging the body without restriction.Its unparalleled recovery makes tt ideal for well-fittingtights,plus the straps and bottom bands of our sports bras.

Drilayer Bolt

Get noticed in lowight conditions with a flash of engineering brillance.The lookis striking,plus you'll be uniquelyidentifiable as a human onthe run.

Drilayer Glide

Usedin our socks, this durable,antabrasion fabric slips over surfaces with ease,andcan travel long distances with no sign of blisters or chafingin sight.

Drilayer Crash

Benefit fromjust enough pressure to crush your next adventure. Gradedcompression offers increased blood flow and muscle support for improved performance.

Drilayer Sheep-ish

This wool blendisn't shy about giving us the best of everything naturally-temperature control,odor resistance,soft comfort, and unabashed good looks.

Drilayer Horsepower

This fabric evokes the standard measure of power andfor good reason. Get the same giddy-upin places where you need a ltttle extra oomph-like tights andsports bras.

Drilayer Superseal

Our waterproof andwindproof protectiontakes preparedness to new heights.Gear made from this fabric serve as personal safe havens fromany storm.

Drilayer Steady

If steady wins the race,this fabric is a champ.Its ther more gulation capabilities will keepyour body running comfortably atyour favorite temp-regardless of forecast highs and lows.


Drilayer Turbine

This windproof fabric is engineered to unlock your potential energy desptte a little air turbulence. It may even hold the power to make all windfeellike a tailwind.